Indigo 21 offers you a comprehensive suite of automotive insurance software solutions. Created by a team of motor insurance experts, our claims management software is the ideal way to manage formal claims, whether they are open, settled, awaiting authorisation, or even re-opened.

Because we invest money, time, and passion into what we do, Indigo 21 has created a variety of high quality software solutions for the automotive insurance industry.

We have a team of incredible software developers working hand in hand with some of the top automotive insurance experts in the industry today. The result? Effective, easy to use software solutions that boast of a unique pairing of great features and a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI).

We believe in getting down to business, so what we have created reflects just that. You do not need to learn anything complicated or in a slow manner – our software is so easy that all you need to do is log in and go! Our team of experts have carefully crafted something that’s simple yet powerful, allowing you to experience a familiar, approachable GUI environment that does what is required without all the complicated (and often unnecessary) extras.

Our online software was designed with you, the automotive insurance expert, in mind. Or simple yet effective claims solution is a powerful tool in which you can search for and sort information in any manner you choose. Search and sort by claim ID, registration, handler’s last name, policy holder, and claim status. Edit and update information whenever you need, and delete claims completely if needed. Download a convenient PDF file for each individual claim, or a complete list of claims.